Consumers search for OEM car parts online differently than cars

Consumers search for OEM car parts in a few unique ways, which is completely different than the search process for buying a new or used car or truck. This is just as true for OEM replacement parts as it is for aftermarket parts.

Each of these search patterns are unique and complex, and in fact, we’ve made a lot of discoveries over the years just on how consumers search using OEM part numbers. When you start looking at part types, symptoms, etc. it gets even more complicated.

When setting up a marketing campaign it is important to show up for these search types, whether you’re focused on paid search (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO).

When working with an agency – whether it’s us, or any other agency – have the agency explain their approach to these search types to you.

Also have them explain if they manage Google Merchant Center feeds for clients and how their approach to Google Shopping ads fits with these various types of searches.